Lance working with 7th generation Chinese hand puppet master Yang Feng.

I’ve been a professional puppeteer since 1985, when I joined Tears of Joy Theater. I spent several years touring the US and the World, making puppets, building sets and learning the craft. After leaving Tears of Joy I went on to work at Will Vinton Studio making molds and building puppets for stopmotion TV shows like The PJs and Gary and Mike as well as many commercials.


Several years building sets and puppets for clients both local and rounded out my skillset in many different mediums.

A stint at Laika working on Coraline, Paranorman and Boxtrolls reignited my passion for stop-motion puppets.

I’m currently getting ready to go back on the road for Imago with Le Belle Lost in the World of the Automaton. A show I spent 2 years building.




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